Facilities and testing centres

PRODINTEC headquarters are situated in the INTRA area of expansion of Gijón Science and Technology Park. These facilities, highly focused on improving the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, boast the latest innovation technologies for manufacturing products and processes and are located in a truly representative building of the valuable industrial heritage of both Gijón and Asturias, as is the Universidad Laboral’s old tobacco drying facility.


These facilities occupy a parcel of about 1,600 sq m, with a usable area of almost 5,000 sq m, distributed in:

  • Technical office area
  • Laboratories equipped with advanced manufacturing technologies
  • A space reserved for housing spin-offs, i.e. innovating companies that have arisen from R&D activities and projects developed in collaboration with PRODINTEC.

exterior PCM


PRODINTEC´s office in Madrid is located at the Madrid Science Park building, in Campus de Cantoblanco. The Madrid Science Park is a foundation created by the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and the Madrid Complutense University (UCM) in order to boost scientific and technological entrepreneurship.


R&D centre for vertical transportation

torre ascensores

Located at the Industrial Site of Porceyo (Gijón), the testing tower is the most emblematic feature of this R&D centre. It is 38 m high (equivalent to 12 floors) and with a 6 x 4 m internal shaft to test lifts of up to 4 tons.

Thanks to this laboratory, companies specialised in the vertical transport field can optimise the deadlines to validate their new developments by testing and checking the products before launching them onto the market, improving aspects such as the design, equipment comfort, mechanic, electric or electronic systems or trial runs.

In this way, our product design and development and electronic engineering capabilities are complemented with advanced infrastructure to provide our customers with a holistic service to develop more competitive products.


Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory


Located at the Campus of Gijón of the University of Oviedo, it is the most powerful tool for the electromagnetic testing of electronic products, both during the development stages and during the commercialization process.

This evaluation allows us to get to know the electromagnetic disturbance caused by the equipment in normal operating conditions, as well as subject it to certain radiations and disturbances to ensure its robustness.

Moreover, our specialised staff provides personalised guidance and counselling to our customers in terms of electromagnetic quality and CE marking, which, complemented with the capabilities of our electronic lab, allows us to guide the design of electric and electronic products to the final compliance with the applicable standards or their fast adaptation if the evaluation is negative.