Flexible printed electronics

Our roll-to-roll manufacturing pilot line for the production of high-technology products on low cost flexible materials is the result of combining PRODINTEC´s expertise in electronic design, equipment manufacturing and process automation.

Some types of products where the roll-to-roll production is being implemented are lighting and signing products (LED, OLED, EL...), photovoltaics, electrochemical sensors, microfluidic systems, flexible optical systems, smart labeling, RFID, etc.

At PRODINTEC, we offer the following services:

  • Possibility of testing different materials and substrates on the current pilot line (manufacture of validators).
  • Design of tailored products with roll-to-roll manufacturing criteria.
  • Development and manufacture of new roll-to-roll operation modules and integration into manufacturing line.
  • Integration of quality control system (visual and inspection) and advanced production control in roll-to-roll line.
  • Analyse the feasibility of the mass production of products on flexible substrates.

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