Design and manufacture of biosanitary products

The purpose was to develop a series of biosanitary products based on patents from the Fundación Progreo y Salud (Progress and Health Foundation) of the Health Department of Andalucia and build the relevant operational prototypes.

Foot rehabilitation device

This device will make it possible to monitor the rehabilitation of pathologies affecting the area of the ankle and leg muscles and, more specifically, injuries affecting the heel.

Diaphragm and abdominal compression system

It will compress the diaphragm and abdominal areas of a patient to prevent movement that may lead to imprecise readings in areas treated with radiotherapy treatments or others that require applying radiation to a specific area.

Fisevi 01

Device for treating bone illnesses

It is used as a guide when treating patients with bone diseases using percutaneous surgery, i.e. through the skin using a needle or a bit together with one or more medical imaging systems.

More specifically, the invention is a guiding device used in radiofrequency treatments assisted by computerised axial tomography (CAT) scans of benign tumours, such as osteoid osteoma.

Fisevi 02

Laparoscopy port

The device consists of a port for single incision laparoscopy treatments formed by two different pieces that join hermetically: a wall protector and a distensible entry piece attachable to the protector, which features several holes for the access of surgical instruments.

Fisevi 04         Fisevi 05

Rib spreader with lighting

The device consists of a curved “Finochietto” type rib spreader (adaptable to the curvature of the rib cage) and that features interchangeable blades of different sizes. It is manufactured in titanium (non-reflective) and has interchangeable curved side valves of various sizes (height and width) that are provided with a channel for an LED light to light up the area with an angle of at least 120°.

Fisevi 07