Environmental evaluation of processes by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LCA is a technique for assessing the environmental aspects and potential impacts associated with a process by the compilation of an inventory of relevant inputs and outputs (e.g. energy, raw materials, air and water emissions, solid waste, etc.) of a product system during its whole lifecycle.

It includes upstream stages (e.g. design, manufacture and assembly of the required capital goods) and downstream stages (e.g. decommission of the plant itself). The potential environmental impacts associated to the different lifecycle stages are evaluated and the results of the inventory analysis and impact assessment phases are interpreted to the objectives of the study.

PRODINTEC has experienced professionals and specific software such as SIMAPRO, the worldwide-leader one for performing LCA according to methodology described in ISO 14040. It makes possible to model and analyze complex life cycles in a systematic way and to measure the environmental impacts of the studied systems (processes or products) across all life cycle stages according a variety of impact methodologies (e.g. ReCiPe, CML, EPC, etc.) and impact categories (e.g. Global Warming Potential or Carbon footprint, Water footprint, Eutrophication Potential, Acidification Potential, etc.).

Also, PRODINTEC has been recently involved in R&D projects focused on the development of innovative and environmental-friendly processes that could substitute the industrial processes currently used, such as LightRolls, POWER, Interact or Life BioBale.