The strategy of the product design and engineering department seeks to promote several aspects related to sustainability:

  • Life Cycle Analysis: is a method that assesses the environmental impact of a product or service throughout all stages of its existence. Applying it to the development of a new product or process or when redesigning an existing one, it provides extremely valuable information that leads to ideal solutions to reduce environmental impacts. For this purpose, we employ experienced professionals and software to support these analyses. We also have the experience that comes with successfully performing these tasks on various international projects.
  • Renewable energy: we have experience in designing power-generating projects (wind, solar, offshore...), saving energy, reusing waste products (biomass, producing biodegradable material...) and bioclimatic architecture.
  • Ecodesign: throughout our career, we have gathered extensive experience on ecodesign, industrial design methods that focus on the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. We have prepared methodological guidelines that we apply to customised developments to respond to the various needs of our customers.

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