Electronic development

At PRODINTEC, we provide solutions during all the development phases of an electronic system, from the strategic analysis phase to the assessment of the developed product.

Our electronics laboratory has a wide range of instrumentation equipment, welding stations, equipment to manufacture printed circuits (LPKF milling) and software to design circuits and programs. Moreover, our Electromagnetic Compatibility laboratory CEMLab has all the necessary means to perform electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety tests on circuits and equipment under development.


All of this, together with the experience and knowledge of our personnel, enables us to offer the following services in the field of electronic development:

  • Feasibility studies and design of concepts for new electronic products, both for consumers and for industrial sectors.
  • Design of new electronic equipment, including design of cabling and housing and firmware development in circuits with processor.
  • Integrating optical, electromechanical, microfluidic or heating elements in devices and equipment.
  • Re-design of customer´s equipment or circuits to incorporate improvements and new functionalities, either according to his specifications and requirements, or after performing a revision analysis.
  • Manufacture of single and double-sided printed circuits (PCB) by milling for fast delivery prototypes.
  • Manufacture of complete mounted circuits and equipment, both prototypes and short series.
  • Programming of applications for electronic devices and machines to manage different system resources (power supply, communications, collectors, actuators, user interfaces...). We have extensive experience in programming microcontrollers and PLCs and control applications on PC.