Smart systems

The growing capability to integrate sensory elements into devices, and the availability of shared and accessible communication networks and data, favours, and even imposes, the incorporation of information processing in new products.

This system provides an apparent intelligence as well as an intelligent and optimal control of certain situations and processes.

Sistema de control embebido

Our extensive experience and knowledge in the field of simulation and programming intelligent capabilities on different platforms and operating systems (microcontrollers, PLCs, PC with Windows, Android tablets, industrial robots, acquisition systems, etc.) allow us to offer the integration of the following techniques into new distributed products, machines and systems:

  • Interpretation of multisensory data and self-diagnosis systems.
  • Multivariable, adaptive control or learning curve based systems.
  • Wireless sensor networks and preventive monitoring systems.
  • Service robots and industrial robots programming.
  • Development of user-friendly and sociable user interfaces for the industry and consumption.
  • Applications on smart mobile devices as a communication and user interface.
  • Expert systems to guide actions.