EDA 3D-printing report and final video now available.

The final results of the project developed by PRODINTEC for the European Defense Agency (EDA) on additive manufacturing (FA, better known as 3D printing) in defense is now available: a report on the feasibility of using these technologies in this sector and a video that summarizes the various activities of the project.

The main objectives of EDA’s ’Additive Manufacturing Feasibility Study & Technology Demonstration’ project were to assess the areas where AM technologies can have a positive impact on defence capabilities and to demonstrate their feasibility.

The project, initiated in the framework of the CapTech Materials & Structures within the EDA Research & Technology domain, was organized around three work-strands: (i) a desktop study to place AM and its potential in a defence context, (ii) a technology demonstration of the feasibility of deploying these technologies in support of a military operation, (iii) an exhibition to senior military staff which took place in Spain in September 2017.

The ’Additive Manufacturing: State of the Art and Strategic Report’ describes the different additive manufacturing technologies and identifies existing capabilities in Europe. Issues related to a potential use of AM in defence, such as gaps in the value chain, IPRs (Intellectual/Industrial Property Rights), standardization and certification, test and evaluation, skills and education are also addressed, as well as an analysis of the future needs in these areas. Three value chains for implementation of AM in the most promising defence areas were developed, identifying the main limitations for AM implementation and providing solutions to overcome the existing barriers. EDA’s contractors for this project, the research centre Fundación Prodintec and defence company MBDA France, worked together to support the activities described and helped to strengthen the links between research activities, industrial development, and the armed forces.

The EDA Additive Manufacturing in Defence final video, also published today, summarizes the three work-strands of this innovative project.