Almost 500 people attended the NANOfutures H2020 brokerage event

The brokerage event was held on 13th November in Egmont Palace (Brussels)

The brokerage event for Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, organized by NANOfutures platform with the collaboration of the European Platforms for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies EUMAT and Manufacturing, MANUFUTURE, was held on 13th November in Egmont Palace (Brussels) and opened by Clara de la Torre, Director of European Commission DG Research & Innovation.

To facilitate contacts among the nearly 500 attendees, 32 booths dedicated to the NMPB specific topics, including PPPs (Factory of Future, Energy Efficient Buildings and Spire) were installed. There, detailed information about these topics was shown and more than 800 requests and offers were posted. Also, more than 80 project ideas were submitted to be presented during the event, from which a total of 50 were selected.

Moreover, all this information is open and available for all the attendees in order to facilitate finding the right partner for their next H2020 proposals. In this sense, we can conclude that the objectives have been largely accomplished