Design and development of an autonomous pellet-fired stove for outdoors

The goal was to develop a stove for outdoor use that would exceed the limitations of current designs.

With stoves powered by gas or electricity, the limitations consist in their environmental impact (carbon footprint) caused by power generation (particularly in the case of electricity) and their economic impact derived from the price of the energy consumed.

An alternative are electric panels that radiate heat that, unlike the previous devices, are not portable but need a complete electrical installation and must be installed in a fixed place.

In view of the above, PRODINTEC developed and patented the first autonomous pellets stove. A solution that improves current systems and that is powered by biomass, a clean and ecological fuel, that allows the recycling of by-products from forest and agricultural work and is more economical and less contaminating that fossil fuels.

The first working prototype has been built and tested outdoors. This has made it possible to ensure its feasibility and to lead the way towards its marketing by a manufacturer of this type of equipment.